Euroavia Ankara

About METU Aerospace Society :
METU Aerospace Society (METU HUT) was founded at Middle East Technical University in order to operate in the amateur, scientific and industrial areas of aviation under the body of the METU Directorate of Cultural Affairs. The majority of its members are members of the METU Aerospace Engineering Department. METU Aerospace Society is the Ankara representative of the European Association of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Students (EUROAVIA).

The main objectives of METU HUT:

  • To introduce aviation to university students, to enable them to operate in related subjects and to contribute to the basic education necessary to take part in academic, scientific, and technical activities of department students.
  • To broaden the aviation horizons of the students with seminars, interviews, meetings, and activities with experts in aviation and space.
  • To provide communication and cooperation with other aviation institutions, organizations, and communities of the country and to represent the society in the national aviation activities.
  • Ensuring the best representation of the society, university, and country in the organizations abroad. To be active in organizations, projects, and events abroad; to take the initiative to attract international studies to our country, and to create the ideas and financial resources needed by the society.