Dear EUROAVIAns, we are proudly announcing that we will be welcoming you this Spring !

From the 7th of May to 12th of May 2024 we will be having our Symposium on the topic One World One Fight. The Symposium, hosted by the AS Ankara ,aims to captivate enthusiasts and experts alike with its profound exploration of the theme “One World One Fight“. This symposium serves as a dynamic platform, bringing together a diverse array of perspectives within the aerospace community. AS Ankara, renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, orchestrates an event that transcends borders and unites minds from around the Europe.

The Symposium delves into the challenges faced in the aerospace industry by individuals such as gender discrimination, racism and aims to emphasize a collective effort to address global issues such as sustainability in the aerospace industry, security concerns faced in both civil and military aviation and problems faced in international joint projects. With a blend of keynote speakers and panel discussions, participants engage in thought-provoking conversations that span technological advancements, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of the aerospace sector.

Apart from the Symposium we will not only have technical activities but we will also explore Ankara’s culture, it’s landmarks and, METU’s campus.

We enthusiastically invite every Euroavia member to apply for our Symposium. Embrace the opportunity to join global aerospace discussions, contribute your unique insights, and be part of shaping the future together.


You can apply to our symposium by clicking here. The applications are closing at 18th of February 18.00 UTC. Also you can see the rules for applications and cancellations here.

The Schedule

The Location


About Ankara

Ankara, the heart of Türkiye and it’s spirited capital, is a captivating blend of history and modernity. From the monumental Anıtkabir to vibrant markets and cultural richness, the city exudes an inviting charm. Ankara’s dynamic atmosphere, rooted in tradition and pulsating with contemporary energy, makes it a delightful destination for those seeking a harmonious fusion of the past and present.

METU Aerospace Society was founded in 1989 at Middle East Technical University in order to operate in the amateur, scientific and industrial areas of aviation. METU Aerospace Society is the Ankara representative of the EUROAVIA.